We specialize in:

Tear out and Replace

When existing asphalt is deteriorating or the gravel base is failing it is time to tear out and replace with a brand new parking lot. We begin by excavating the existing area. A determination will be made on whether new gravel will be needed to repair or replace your current base. We will then grade and compact the gravel base to ensure the area is level. Asphalt will then be installed to a recommended level of 2″. The edges will then be tamped to ensure smooth transitions and improved strength to your parking lot.


An asphalt overlay can be used as an alternative cost effective way to make your parking lot look like new again. The overlay process will use existing layers as a base essentially getting rid of the deteriorated look of your current asphalt. However, not all asphalt surfaces are suitable for an overlay. If the surface has deteriorated to a certain point our estimators will work with you to recommend the best course of action.


Concrete Solutions

Concrete is an exceptionally durable material for commercial parking lots, but only when it’s built on a strong foundation. We first assess everything from the expected type and volume of traffic to drainage needs to ensure our solutions stand up to use. We will apply, grade, and compact the subgrade material at the proper depth based on your project needs. Concrete will then be placed, jointed, and leveled to create smooth transitions and a flawless finish.

New Installations

We will grade and compact a new gravel base. Depth will be determined specific to your project’s needs. This will ensure the area is level before the installation of the asphalt. Once your gravel base has been installed we will then install asphalt to the recommended level of 2″ or required thickness based on project specifications. The edges will be tamped to ensure smooth transitioning and improved strength to your parking lot.


When asphalt cracks are not properly sealed water from rain, ice and snow can seep into these cracks causing potholes. We are here to help repair the potholes in your parking lot today. Speak to us about our sealcoat discounts through Black Dawg Sealcoat so any cracks you might have will not turn into larger problems in the future.


Water is a root of all evil when it comes to asphalt. If you have drainage issues that are causing problems for your asphalt parking lot give us a call. We will work with you to create a plan and correct the drainage problem, saving you money in the future. If your asphalt project requires catch basin repair or new installs we will make sure the work is done right to ensure no future projects are affected by drainage issues.

Line Striping

We offer complete in house striping services using professional line striping equipment and traffic grade paint. We can restripe your existing layout or work with you to create a new layout for your commercial parking lot.