About Us

The name, Quality Blacktopping, has been in Cincinnati for over 60 years.

In 1957 two brothers, Oscar and Coleman Smith started Quality blacktopping in Sharonville Ohio.

In the following years Quality Blacktopping installed residential and commercial blacktop jobs throughout the greater Cincinnati area.

When Mark and Molly became franchise owner’s of Quality’s sister companies, Black Dawg Sealcoat and Yellow Dawg Striping he was not getting the responsiveness from other paving companies needed to run his company. Mark was then referred to Oscar and Coleman Smith. Mark was so impressed with Roger (Coleman’s son) and Oscar Smith’s work ethic and quality of work that he exclusively subbed jobs out to the Smith’s for his blacktopping needs. When Oscar decided to retire at the age of 83 the Birk’s acquired Quality Blacktopping under one condition: that Roger Smith would continue to work with them to carry out the Smith’s legacy.

In 2015, the company was acquired by Mark and Molly Birk. Since taking over, the husband-and-wife team have carried out and enhanced their legacy here in tri-state with the help of Roger Smith. Quality Blacktopping is now considered Cincinnati’s most trusted asphalt and concrete maintenance company.

We enjoy what we do and want to pass that on to each and every customer we service. From the largest commercial parking lot to the smallest residential driveway, Quality Blacktopping is here to help. Let us earn your trust today!